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Inconel X-750 alloy is a nickel-chromium precipitation-hardening alloy. It has high ductility and excellent properties at cryogenic temperatures. The following datasheet provides more details about Inconel X-750 alloy.


Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Inconel X-750 alloy is outlined in the following table.

Physical Properties

The physical properties of Inconel X-750 alloy are given in the following table.

Mechanical Properties

The following table shows the mechanical properties of Inconel X-750 alloy.

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of Inconel X-750 alloy are displayed in the following table.

Other Designations

Other designations that are equivalent to Inconel X-750 alloy include:

Fabrication and Heat Treatment

  • Machinability: Inconel X-750 alloy can be machined using conventional machining methods, which are used for iron-based alloys. Machining operations are performed using machining coolants. High-speed operations such as grinding, turning, or milling, are performed using water-base coolants. Drilling, broaching, tapping, or boring are performed using heavy lubricants.
  • Forming: Inconel X-750 alloy can be formed using all conventional techniques.
  • Welding : Inconel X-750 alloy is welded using shielded metal-arc welding, gas-tungsten arc welding, gas metal-arc welding, and submerged-arc welding methods.
  • Heat Treatment: Inconel X-750 alloy is heat treated by annealing at 885 to 1149°C (1625 to 2100°F).
  • Forging: Inconel X-750 alloy is forged at temperatures ranging from 1205 to 1038°C (2200 to 1900°F).
  • Hot Working : Inconel X-750 alloy is hot worked at temperatures ranging from 983 to 1038°C (1800 to 2200°F).
  • Cold Working: Inconel X-750 alloy can be cold worked using standard tooling. Soft die materials such as bronze and zinc alloys, are used for providing good finish and reducing galling problems.
  • Annealing: Inconel X-750 alloy is annealed at 983 to 1038°C (1800 to 2000°F) followed by cooling.
  • Applications: Inconel X-750 alloy is mainly used in structural members of hot sections of gas turbines such as ducts, thrust reversers, discs.

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