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Nitronic50 alloy is an austenitic, nitrogen strengthened steel that has corrosion resistance superior to grade 316 and 317 stainless steels. It has very good mechanical properties at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures. The alloy is capable of retaining low magnetic permeability even after exposure to sub-zero temperatures or severe cold working conditions.
In addition, the alloy has excellent resistance to sulfide stress cracking and intergranular attack. It can be readily fabricated, and it is considerably stronger than the conventional 300 series stainless steels.
The following datasheet will provide an overview of Nitronic50 alloy.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Nitronic50 alloy is outlined in the following table.

Physical Properties

The typical mechanical properties of grade 2205 stainless steels are listed in the table below. Grade S31803 has similar mechanical properties to that of S32205.

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of Nitronic50 alloy are displayed in the following table.

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of Nitronic50 alloy are given in the following table.

Other Designations

Other designations that are equivalent to Nitronic50 alloy include the following:

Fabrication and Heat Treatment

  • Machinability: Machining Nitronic50 alloy requires slow speeds, positive feeds and abundant resulfurized lubricant.
  • Forming: Nitronic50 alloy can be formed using all common forming techniques.
  • Welding: Nitronic50 alloy can be welded using all welding techniques such as gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc and submerged arc welding. Pre-heating is not required for this alloy.
  • Forging: Nitronic50 alloy is forged at 1093°C (2000°F) and then heated to 1177°C (2150°F).
  • Annealing: Nitronic50 alloy is annealed at 1038 to 1121°C (1900 to 2050°F) and quenched in water or air.
  • Hardening:: The alloy can be hardened through cold working.


The following are the list of applications of Nitronic50 alloy:

  • Fasteners
  • Marine hardware
  • Boat shafting
  • Pumps and valves

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